1xbet is a scam.

Read why you should not play with 1xbet.


1xbet offers great odds

1xbet offers gread betting odds to attract players.

Play and win

1xbet let you play and win till you start withdrawing your funds. Than your account gets blocked.

Withdrawal Request Rejected

Once you start to withdrawal your winning 1xbet will block your account and reject your withdrawal requests.

Account blocked

In case you are a winner, 1xbet will not allow you to withdrawal your funds. 1xbet will block your account and ask you to fill out several questionaries. 1xbet will continue to ask you for new documents and information.

  • Withdrawal rejected
  • Account blocked
  • 1xbet requests documents
  • You have to fill out questionaries
  • 1xbet will not answer your questions
  • You have to send documents to Russia
  • Your money is gone

Play with reliable bookmaker

There are better bookmakers available. Here is a selection of reliable bookmakers offering great odds.

Don’t lose your Money

We are sure there are better ways to give money away than betting with 1xbet. Several players lost there money already don’t be the next one.

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